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Mick jaggers wife

Wife mick jaggers Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger, 77, and girlfriend Melanie Hamrick, 34, enjoy a romantic Valentine's Day dinner

Wife mick jaggers Mick Jagger,

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Wife mick jaggers Mick Jagger

Inside Mick Jagger's Relationship With Ex Jerry Hall

Wife mick jaggers Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger's ballerina girlfriend Melanie Hamrick slips into a stars and stripes swimsuit

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Wife mick jaggers Mick Jagger

Wife mick jaggers Mick Jagger's

Wife mick jaggers

Wife mick jaggers

Chrissie Shrimpton Now Following their break-up, Chrissie had a hard time coming to terms with the fact Mick broke up with her and attempted to take her life via overdose.

  • In 1969, she nearly overdosed on Tuinals, which are sedatives, and she struggled with drug addiction for years after.

  • Again, this did not stop there, and things flared up again at a later date.

Mick and Jerry split after it was discovered that he had had an affair with Brazilian model Luciana Gimenez Morad, resulting in Jagger's seventh child, Lucas, 21.

  • Here are some of his former wives and girlfriends: -Chrissie Shrimpton: A leading British model he dated in the mid-1960s, just as the Rolling Stones were becoming superstars.

  • Although she dressed many celebrities at red-carpet events, it is unlikely they paid for the privilege.

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